Empowering the Student Journey in STEM

Understand and identify gaps, engage through digital content and measure performance with the only all-in-one STEM focused platform built for student success.


Stemify accelerates the learning process in STEM disciplines through adaptive instructions and context sensitive digital interaction.

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Corequisite Education

Select the exact corequisite materials your students need, across courses and disciplines, and synchronize it with your course on any schedule.

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Diagnostic & Placement

Empowering precise placement with proven assessments and analytics to ensure student success

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Just-in-Time Remediation

Identify key gaps in each student’s understanding and give them an adaptive learning pathway to develop and retain that knowledge.

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How It Works

The Stemify Platform comes complete with everything you need to drive a successful student journey in STEM teaching and learning. Staff and students can use Stemify to adapt it to meet their unique needs, thanks to the platform’s open software, countless features, and scalable, flexible framework.

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Diagnostic & Assessment

The platform collects inputs from diagnostics and assessment to gain an understanding of students’ foundational concepts

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Identification of Learning Gaps

Our AI engine identifies learning gaps at specific concepts through precise distractor analysis. This gives insights into the students’ learning pathways.

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Deliver Personalized Content

Learning pathways generated through our AI engine deliver digital content in a personalized study plan. Self guided videos, quizzes and practice assignments map to exact learning concepts.

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Look across the full spectrum of students learning from individual and cohort assessment performance, key metrics for time spent on content and the impact of the personal study plans to help close student learning gaps.


Stemify streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience.

Create & Deploy Assessments

The platform allows the instructor to create a variety of assessments and deploy to students in a variety of settings.

Engage With Video Content

Build your own digital library with video instruction, quizzes and self guided content that will engage students in the modern way they choose to learn.

Analyze & Report

An array of reporting tools analyze students' interaction with the platform and its content to map performance across key concepts to outcomes.

AI Personalization

Using advanced IRT psychometric techniques and distractor analysis, the platform provides a personalized study plan for each student and guides them through their journey.

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