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The STEM Learning Platform That Drives Student Success

The World's Only All Inclusive STEM Focused Learning Platform

Open, intuitive, and born in the cloud, Stemify streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience.

  • Flexible

    Our goal is to make all content accessible and customizable. From data access to creating your own content we put the user in control.

  • Integrated

    Every module of Stemify is seamlessly integrated together from the assessments you build to the personalized learning that ties directly to it.

  • Compliant

    Security for your students data is our top priority. The Stemify platform complies with industry standards and data privacy best practices.

Create & Deploy Assessments

Create and deploy assessments for your students using our flexible and intuitive interface. Create questions, question pools and multiple versions of assessments with the ability to tag any item with key topics that will tie into our AI engine.

  • Diagnostics and Assessments
  • Practice Assignments
  • Worksheets & Homework
  • Quizzes
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Engage With Video Content

Use our existing library of foundational math to Calculus or build your own learning modules of videos, quizzes and practice assignments to build your own library of content for your students.

  • Video with Embedded Quizzes
  • Practice Assignments
  • Quiz Builder

Analyze & Report

Stemify provides an array of reporting tools that analyze the interaction of the students with the platform and its content to map cognitive and non-cognitive factors that affect students’ performance across different core math concepts.

  • Student Cohort Reports
  • Individual Student Views
  • Content Tracking
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AI Personalization

Using advanced IRT psychometric techniques and distractor analysis, the platform provides a personalized study plan for each student, helping them retain and recall concepts in foundational mathematics.

  • Machine Learning Based
  • PSP
  • Adaptive Instruction
Lesson transition and assessment results screenshots

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