Empowering STEM Students - Improving Placement and Retention

There are reasons why STEM students are failing and there are solutions to help them succeed.

Partner in Publishing and Stemify invite you to join us for a conversation with University of Connecticut professor, Dr. Amit Savkar, who took on some of the biggest challenges in STEM education. You’ll hear Dr. Savkar’s findings on the causes of student failure in the STEM major and how UConn’s DFW rates dropped from 35% to 10% through his interventions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • The specific weaknesses in foundational math for incoming students
  • The value of identifying individual learning gaps through placement assessment
  • The necessity of targeted corequisite adaptive instruction
  • The relevance of foundational math knowledge across disciplines

All students, especially the most vulnerable ones, deserve this same kind of increased STEM access. UConn’s success story can be yours too.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Amit Savkar
Stemify President & CEO at University of Connecticut
Amit holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Education Psychology, Measurement Evaluation and Assessment (expected in 2021). He has thirteen years of experience teaching math at the University of Connecticut and is currently a Teaching Fellow, Director of Quantitative Center, and the Faculty Director of Innovation House Learning Community.

Laura Mann
Vice President of Sales at Stemify
Laura is a passionate learning solutions leader, who has worked in educational publishing and the edtech industry for three decades. She is an expert in helping colleges and universities find and implement the best academic solutions to drive student engagement and retention. A summa cum laude business and economics major and mother of three daughters, Laura is an advocate for closing the gender gap in math.