Learning Loss - Get Your Students Back on Track to Success
Sep 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM ET

Learn how to lessen the impact of learning loss and give your students a head start on the school year.

We invite you to join us for a conversation with Tunxis Community College Professor Sue Lounsbury and University of Connecticut Professor and Founder of Stemify, Dr. Amit Savkar, who took on some of the biggest challenges in STEM education. You’ll hear Professor Lounsbury and Dr. Savkar’s findings on how to lessen the impact of learning loss and learn how to prepare your students for a successful semester.

Student taking test in classroom

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • The specific weaknesses in foundational math for incoming students
  • The value of identifying individual learning gaps 
  • The necessity of targeted corequisite adaptive instruction
  • The relevance of foundational math knowledge across disciplines

All students, especially the most vulnerable ones, deserve this same kind of increased STEM access.

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