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Corequisite Education

Connect your courses to corequisite content across foundational math.

Corequisite Coursework and Supplemental Instruction in One Place

Choose corequisite material from prealgebra through precalculus in one place and at one price. Data analytics for both your primary and corequisite content allow you to plan your teaching and personalize students' learning pathways.

  • Everything in One Place

    Lessons, assessments, concept-mapping, and analytics

  • Interactivity Online

    Interactive video lessons with instant feedback propel students through corequisite learning

  • Atomic Instruction

    Each lesson covers specific concepts so the right content for your students is always at your fingertips

Comprehensive Coverage

With a library of learning content covering all of foundational math, broken down to the concept level, you can choose corequisite content that would otherwise show up in different courses, textbooks, or online subscriptions. Whatever corequisites your students need to succeed in your course, you can assign in Stemify.

  • All corequisite content in one place
  • Build a syllabus without increasing logistical complexity
  • Select the exact corequisite material students need
  • Concept-mapping tools streamline the process
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Integrated Data Analytics

Stemify allows you to directly correlate student performance on corequisite material with performance on college level material. By integrating all of the data about each student in one place, Stemify provides a holistic picture of student learning.

  • Spot gaps and disconnects in student learning
  • Measure the success of your corequisite model to optimize course design
  • Topic-level analysis across all content ties college level and corequisite learning together
  • Integrates with our Just-In-Time Remediation solution at all levels
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Personalized Study Plans

Stemify provides tools to measure student proficiency at a concept level. Individual performance can then be tied directly to instruction, matching the student with interactive video lessons in precisely the areas where they need help. Personalized study plans can add to your corequisite plans or serve as the starting point for corequisite learning.

  • Adaptive instruction helps students reach the same goal from different starting points
  • Focus your students on what is most important for them
  • Connect corequisite learning to assessments via concept mapping