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Flexible Course Creation

Create intuitive, integrated courses.

Your Course, Your Way

Visually streamlined and intuitive, Course integrates instruction, assessments, and grade books. Flexible templates allow instructors to configure courses using both original content as well as digital content from Stemify’s broad Learning Library.

  • Adaptable Course Templates

    Choose how you want to use and design your courses.

  • Integration + Usability

    Do and find what you need in one elegant and user-friendly place.

  • Empowered Learning

    Give students the self-knowledge they need to be participatory agents in their own learning.

Instructor Flexibility + Support

Design your courses the way you want, while also getting the support you need. Stemify Course templates allow you to build original learning content, which you can supplement with selections from an extensive digital library, or to choose comprehensive pre-packaged courses.

  • Highly flexible, fully templated courses ready to copy and edit
  • Prepackaged course offerings, ranging from developmental math to Calculus I
  • Digital content library, including video lessons, practice problems, and concept-based assessments
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Complete Course Integration

Course lets you (and your students) do and find everything in one place, including instruction, grades, and assessments. Course also incorporates data analytics, through which you can track cohorts as well as individual student progress. Streamlined, clear, and efficient, Course makes sense.

  • Exportable and downloadable gradebooks
  • Learning content and assessments in one place
  • Analytics identify individual learning gaps and track student progress
  • Intuitive, visually appealing design

Student Access

Course encourages students to be active and proactive learners –– and helps them become and stay organized. Upon entry, students see notifications and due dates on their dashboards. They instantly see grades and receive individualized study plans. Rather than repeating entire lessons, students are able to target specific places for review.

  • Access to corequisite remediation and supplemental instruction
  • Immediate feedback including identification of learning gaps
  • Targeting tools allow for review of specific concepts
  • Dashboard with organizational tools including notifications and due dates
student view of courses and assignment grades