video and practice remediation screenshots

Just-in-Time Remediation

Digital content meets AI driven personalization

AI Driven Office Hours

Bringing the key ingredients of just-in-time feedback and guidance that students get with instructors in office hours and in-person conversations by tapping into AI to identify precise gaps and prescribe personalized adaptive instruction.

  • Digital Content Library

    A comprehensive library of videos and practice assignments from Prealgebra through Calculus 1

  • Personalized Study Plans

    Precise identification of gaps through our AI engine with personalized instruction to match

  • Actionable Analytics

    See in detail how students and cohorts are doing on concepts and assessments.

Interactive Digital Library

The Stemify platform has a comprehensive digital library of STEM learning content organized around concepts and learning objectives. Students can interact with lessons across STEM disciplines, while following a logical path through their learning.

  • Teach to the concept, not the test
  • Videos with dynamic embedded quizzes
  • Digital worksheets for practice and instant feedback
interactive video quiz

Adaptive Learning

Every student interaction within the platform generates valuable data that feeds directly into our AI-driven Personalized Study Plan (PSP). Our machine learning algorithm then individually selects appropriate adaptive content for each student and assigns a logical learning pathway for students to follow. This digital interaction is tracked at every level, generating actionable insights for students and instructors.

  • Diagnostic quizzes and placement attempts generate student profile
  • PSP is built and updated automatically
  • Detailed tracking of student progress and time spent
  • Correlation of time spent and content used to subsequent knowledge gains
Adaptive learning

Supplemental Instruction

Stemify can be used alongside your STEM courses to help students review course learning objectives and prerequisite concepts so they can get caught up and stay on track. The digital library gives students everything they need for self-directed review as well. Our short, specific lessons won’t waste your students’ time.

  • Have students review prerequisites before lecture, even across disciplines
  • Follow up exams with review content tailored for each student
  • Inform your pedagogy with data about student review activity
  • Scale up supplemental instruction with our Corequisite Education solution
learning library subject selection


An end-to-end STEM platform would not be complete without in-depth analytics to inform students, instructors, departments, and advisors. Stemify offers a number of ways to dig into both cohort and student performance.

  • Students can view their progress and performance for each piece of content
  • Instructors can view activity and performance for individuals, courses, and cohorts
  • Topic-level analysis provides more information than a quiz score
  • Student activity reporting lets you seamlessly pick up where online work leaves off
  • Up-to-date item analysis gives detailed insights on each assessment