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Diagnostic & Placement

Precision that ensures student success

Precise Math Placement

Powered with strong psychometric validation, students are placed with maximum accuracy to optimize the likelihood for success in placed courses.

  • Placement in Precalculus/Calculus

    From solving equations to word problems, we clearly differentiate between foundational math concepts that are required for students to place in precalculus and calculus.

  • Placement in Foundational Math (FMP)

    Covering a spectrum of courses from prealgebra through college algebra while allowing students to be placed in non-credit or credit bearing courses

  • Benchmarking and Analytics

    Detailed analytics to understand cohort and individual student performance

Key Benefits

A broad range of placement assessments clearly identifies the students who can be placed into a variety of courses that are offered in community colleges and universities across the U.S.

  • Flexible set-up and deployment
  • Customize and map placement to your course offerings
  • Integrate and utilize your own assessments
  • Cohort and Student level analytics for benchmarking
  • Seamless Integration with Stemify’s Remediation Solution
Deployment analytics dashboard

Flexible Set-up

Our web based interface allows for customizations to meet the specific needs of your placement policies and course mapping.

  • Simple wizard set-up
  • Easily add cohorts
  • Set cooling periods and cut scores
  • Manage Course Placement
  • Built in notifications
  • Automated scheduling and messaging
deployment setup wizard

Build Your Own Test (BYOT)

Stemify provides an entire array of tools that allow instructors to add questions, tag each question using hierarchical tagging engineer and use ML to avail the modeling functionality of psychometric assessment theories to validate their own test against proven data driven practices.

  • Easily typeset mathematical formulas
  • Tag questions and answers with concepts
  • Data analytics on custom assessments
  • Concept tags tie your assessments to our lessons
assessment builder