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Content Library

From arithmetic to trigonometry and beyond, Stemify offers an ever-expanding library of instructional videos that teach foundational concepts in an accessible way.

Pre Algebra & Beginning Algebra

Numbers, arithmetic, and the language of algebra. Equations, inequalities, expression manipulation, and the coordinate plane.

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Intermediate Algebra

Working with functions, systems of equations and inequalities, and exponential and logarithmic functions.

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College Algebra

Functions, transformations, and matrices.

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Videos & Embedded Quizzes

The Stemify platform has a comprehensive digital library of STEM learning content organized around concepts and learning objectives. Students watch and interact with lessons across foundational math, focusing on one topic at a time.

  • Teach to the concept, not the test
  • Dynamic embedded quizzes with instant feedback
  • All the content you need in one place

Practice Assignments

Mathematical skills are built through practice. Every topic covered by Stemify’s video library comes with a curated problem set for students to develop their mathematical understanding.

  • Unlimited practice and instant feedback
  • Thousands of problems and counting
  • Focused skill building for coursework or review

Build Your Own Course

Flexibly assign video lessons, practice problem sets, and exams according to your syllabus and schedule. Leverage Stemify’s content library to cover your course learning objectives.

  • Choose foundational math concepts from prealgebra through precalculus
  • Plan your entire course or assign new work as you go
  • See when students complete video lessons

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